It's been a little over two years since my last post...I didn't know if I would ever blog again. Flash back to summer 2012, an exciting summer of travel for me; Italy with my sisters, Paris with my husband for our 20 year anniversary. So much to share with all my blog friends...

So why did I stop blogging and why start blogging again now? There were times when I sat down and wrote posts over the past couple of years...one I published and then quickly removed. Life took over and left no time for blogging.

There is lots to tell after two years ~ just months after returning from Paris (a few photos in the previous post 2012) my husband was offered a great job in another state. We were crazy busy staging and selling our home (in 3 weeks!) and then buying a new home, moving across the country. By 2013, we were settled in a wonderful new community and I was frantically decorating a new home.

20 months later we are still tweaking our new home (and it is a new build). The final home candidates were as diverse as a 100 year old house that had been a school, an 80's home that had been renovated with an amazing kitchen (my dream kitchen), and the new build we ultimately purchased. Location and size won out in the end. It was like an episode from House Hunters.

Slowly over the months we have rearranged, bought new things, planted, tweaked...and now we are finishing the basement (previously an unfinished space). Cannot wait till I can show the result!

These are just a few teasers of our new home.

And a glimpse of highlights from 2013 and the first half of 2014...

Moving in the winter posed it's challenges. This was taken at the end of our block.

Trips into the city, and visitors from out of town, kept us busy.

Spring had barely arrived when we added a fun new addition to our yard.

Before you knew it we had an even more fun addition to our family.
(my nephew)

 There were dance recitals.

And a graduation.

Summer was in full swing. We found so many lovely corners in our new neighborhood.

We hit the beach.

We picked Peaches.

Got ready for the baby to go to Junior High.

The new school year came too quickly, but with so much beautiful color!

And with so many cheers!

We learned a bit, living so close to nature from our neighborhood bear.

Went to the Grand Canyon over Thanksgiving.

And played tennis (cocktails after playing) in AZ.

We braced ourselves for a long winter.

Never once could I get those kids (not even my baby nephew) to quit growing!

I busied myself taking cooking classes with new friends.

And art classes to keep from cabin fever.

As soon as spring broke, we took off for new adventures.

Just as things started to bloom in the garden...

It was summer again and we took off for the shores of Lake Michigan to visit with friends.

We took in cultural events (lol) Katy Perry concert and...

Went to baseball games.

And took more trips to the city!

Now, sadly for me, everyone is back in school. 
But we have a lot of exciting things to look 
forward to this school year!

Now that we are all caught up...

Maybe it's time to start blogging again.
Maybe it's time to unpack the studio.
Maybe it's time I meld my old pursuits with my new ones.



All Paris photos taken by me...Paris is beautiful!


Knock Knocking

on Heaven's door...

First Italy
Stay tuned.